Our goal is to increase physical activity
for improved quality of life.

FIT HOUSTON is a nonprofit 501C (3) that promotes health by increasing physical activity in free outdoor spaces for better quality of life. FIT HOUSTON works with clinics and schools to provide programs for physically active communities to achieve vibrant health. Our focus is primarily in under-resourced communities with reduced access to gyms and resources for wellbeing. We work across all sectors of Greater Houston to build strong partnerships for wellness for everyone, everywhere.

Our belief is that regular physical activity builds better brains, bodies, and communities!

Figure 1: % of Adults Who did not meet HHS Physical Activity Guidelines by PUMA, Harris Country, TX 2018
Figure 2: % of Adults with Diabetes by PUMA, Harris County, TX 2018

Physical Activity

Houstonians with low physical activity are at high risk for downstream medical conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. These maps from the Harris County CARES report show overlap of lack of physical activity and diabetes.

Lack of physical activity places one at risk for chronic disease and cancer. Prevention is key. Physical activity is an evidence-based intervention to help manage costly conditions such as arthritis. And yet, nearly half of all adults in Harris County did not meet the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans set by the Department of Health and Human Services. (Rosie Eungyuhl Bae, et al., 2020)

Not everyone can afford a gym or has access. With social determinants of health such as lack of transportation - we must ensure that Houston’s communities have resources at their doorstep, in their community where they feel comfortable and safe. Let's bring the physical activity to the places where people already are so everyone can enjoy a vital and active life!